Physical Exercise Support

In compiling these resources we have made an effort to identify readily available, low-cost, and quality resources. Although we cannot guarantee the quality of all of the following resources, especially ones that change frequently, this list can encourage you to consider various options of what could be helpful to you, and to start exploring sources of information, sources of support and ideas for coping.

a. Books

b. Educational Video on Youtube

c. Websites

d. DVDs These websites have complied the top DVDs for a variety of different exercises.

e. CDs

f. Support groups

g. Live lecture or talk providers

Google search state and national seminars

h. Nature trails

  • Utah has several amazing state and national parks to explore

i. Yoga and Pilates Studios

  • There are several in St. George to choose from

j. APPS for smartphones (free apps listed below; others available for fee)

  • Motivate Me to Exercise (gray2rgb): sends reminders and motivational quotes
  • Motivation to Exercise (by Mental Edge Academy)
  • Workout Trainer (by SkimbleInc)
  • FitnessClass for iPad

k. Gyms & Fitness Clubs/Recreation Centers

  • There are several facilities in southern Utah
  • Local park districts can also be available outlets for recreation and exercise; call you local park district for events and more information.